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... you need a reliable partner for logging, skidding, and transport of timber, or for planting works. We are also able to arrange a timber trade and to deliver a supply of firewood. It depends only on you and your needs.

Purchase of wood

We offer purchase of timber, both finished range of products and uncut forest.

We purchase raw material of all trees. We have a wide capacity of own technology, both logging and shipping. We are always able to provide prompt lumbering and transport, which is currently decisive in calamitous conditions. We work within the whole Czech Republic. 

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We sell firewood including transport to private individuals and businesses. Detailed information can be found in the current Price List, which is available for download.

In case of interest, please contact us: +420 601 554 421

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We provide all types of logging - from thinning of up to 40 years, to deliberate main felling, including the processing of extensive calamities. We have our own harvesters available (John Deere, Timberjack, HSM, Rottne – 30 in total), forwarders (John Deere, Timberjack, HSM, Rottne – 30 in total), and tractors with a winch (LKT 175 Equus, Welte 130, UKT, SLKT – 20 in total). We perform barking when logging bark beetle-infested trees. In difficult terrain conditions, we use traction winches and iron horses (KAPSEN, MK18). We operatively transport forest machinery on our own deep low loader. We supplement our logging capacity through our contractual partners.


We provide afforestation - which includes the supply of planting stock, clearing and crushing of the slash, stand tending, protection of the forest against weeds, game and insect pests, production and construction of game enclosures and other related planting activities. We have 2 SEPPI Maxiforst forestry mowers available that are pulled by powerful FENDT 936 tractors, a Timberjack 1490D slash bundler, and a MENZIMUCK A81 walking excavator for post-logging works.


We buy raw timber of all types and species. We offer a comprehensive solution to forest owners for the purchase of timber, including all related logging works. Thanks to the considerable annual volumes of timber that we trade in, we have top level long-term relationships with large processors in the Czech Republic and neighbouring EU countries. We trade a substantial part of the bark beetle-infested logs in CHINA.


We transport the timber with transport sets with a hydraulic arm (HR) from the place of departure, directly to the customer, or to the loading site for another mode of transport (truck, rail, container). We provide transport by integrated trains for longer distances. We organise container loading and transport connected to shipping to CHINA. We have our own trucks available - MAN, SCANIA, VOLVO, MERCEDES, RENAULT (50 with HR and 50 without HR), with stake trailers and semi-trailers.


We provide timber and slash chipping with MORBARK and BANDIT mobile chippers. We buy the biomass and provide transport of energy chips to customers by truck with a sliding floor for the transport of bulk materials.

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